19 May 2021

K Rend Winter Working with Shepley Plastering

We caught up with Mike Shepley, Director of Shepley Plastering, to chat about his experience using K Rend products over the winter months.

We caught up with Mike Shepley, Director of Shepley Plastering, to chat about his experience using K Rend products over the winter working months.

Firstly, a bit about Shepley Plastering

Based in Stockport, the company was founded back in 2000 and primarily operate within Cheshire and all surrounding areas. Shepley Plastering are long term users of K Rend and are also featured on our recommended list. The company consists of Mike and 2 trained renderers.

The Winter K Rend Project

This particular project was in Mobberley, with K1 Spray being specified onto blockwork.

Weather Conditions

“It was cold, but workable. With the rain staying off, it was perfect rendering weather! Luckily, the rain stayed off for the entire project, the K Rend products used suited the weather conditions and still cured to a perfect finish with the lower temperatures.”

The Application

The K Rend products chosen for this project was HP12 base coat, reinforcement mesh, and K1 Spray. Our K Rend Acceleratorwas also used for a quicker curing time, along with our complimentary product K Pro, a waterproof sealant. The complete build up took the team just over a week.

As parts of the substrate was uneven, they used our K Mix GP Mortar to dub out to ensure a smooth, even substrate to render onto.

Once the property was based and meshed, the team mixed K1 Spray with K Rend Accelerator. This product speeds up the curing time of K Rend Scraped Texture Renders, perfect for winter working conditions or those days when the temperature drops!

*Dosage of the Accelerator used was 100ml per bag of K1.

Once the K1 Spray and Accelerator was mixed, Mike and the team applied the render with the M-tec M200 spray machine. He advised that using the machine to apply the render was quicker, saving a lot of time and money. Mike mentioned that “The mixed K1 Spray and Accelerator sprayed perfectly with no problems! With low temperatures, the K1 Spray cured quickly, ensuring a timely scrape down.”

To finish off, Mike applied our K Pro which is a water based protective treatment used to provide long term enhanced water repellent properties to external render.

What was the benefit of using K Rend Accelerator for Winter Working?

Mike said that “The use of K Rend Accelerator enabled the team to get more jobs completed over the winter months. With temperatures in the winter affecting curing times, accelerator is definitely fit for purpose and doesn’t affect the render, if applied to manufacturers specification.”

“I would definitely recommend these products from K Rend for working in harsher weather conditions and lower temperatures. They are 100% fit for purpose with no issues, and we will continue you to use them”

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*Product supplied by Penlaw NW

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