K Rend products are easy to maintain. Find out more information below.

General Maintenance

K Rend facades are a low maintenance finish, which will require the minimum of upkeep. We recommend light cleaning and maintenance from time to time. This will be dependent on factors such as weathering, spores in the atmosphere and smog in urban areas.

All of these factors have an influence on the overall appearance of the finished render, which has been installed or applied to any finished facade. These appearance changes are nothing to be concerned about, as they are a natural phenomenon.

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How to clean render

Cleaning the render is generally advised after a few years. This will sharpen the aesthetic look and rejuvenate the finished facade by removing any organic growth, bird droppings and film of weathering found on surface.

The surface can be cleaned using a pressure washer with clean water and a low concentration of mild detergent. The washer should be set on fan application, not high power (very high pressure washers can damage the render surface). Carefully clean the render surface, in a controlled fashion, working from top to bottom.


Algae is an organic growth which will grow on any surface and remains damp for prolonged periods. Locations with nearby wood land or other sources of spores are more prone to algae growth.

To remove algae from affected substrates, use a biocide or algaecide such as our product Algae Clean, which is available from our merchant network and easy to apply.

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K Pro

K Pro is a water based protective treatment used to provide long term, enhanced water repellent properties to external render and other masonry surfaces. K Pro is available in 25 litre screw cap plastic containers. K Pro helps keep your render clean and crisp for longer.

  • Enhanced water repellency
  • Helps combat problems associated with water intrusion
  • Enables the substrate to breathe
  • Keeps substrate clean & dry for longer
  • Easy to apply
  • Invisible on the surface when dried

Attachments to Exterior Facades

Exterior attachments, fixed to the finished surface render, can cause staining issues. Items include satellite dish brackets, L Brackets for hanging baskets, light fixings, vents etc.

All metal brackets used should be stainless steel. Cheaper metal brackets, which are mass produced, are likely not to be stainless steel and, if the paint flakes off, may cause staining to the render surface.

Cracks in Render & Repair

K Rend is a flexible product, designed for stability and not to crack. If a crack appears, it is important to understand with your applicator what the cause of the crack may be. Typical cracks include:

  • Structural cracks
  • Settlement and shrinkage cracks, as the new building "settles" on the ground
  • Stress cracks, mainly found at perimeters of window or door openings
  • Hairline cracks - appear on the render surface only

In general it is advisable to leave the crack for as long as possible to stabilise before any repair is carried out.

Repair products are available on request for crack repairs:

  • Colour Fill - available in a range of colours to simulate the colours of the render
  • Colour Enhance - a surface coating to leave a uniform facade

Access & Other Trades - DIY

Care should be taken when access for other trades is required. The render can be damaged by sharp objects brushing against the finished render surface, particularly with repeated access.

Ladders will be used by other trades who need to maintain existing external services or additional add components to the finished facade. Ladder socks for Aluminium ladders should be used.

If independent scaffolds are erected using towers or similar, protection should be provided where scaffold butts (touches) the finished scrape render. This will help avoid all potential damage to the finished render surface.

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