K Rend offer a range of K Rend tools to help you achieve the best finish.


The Darby is a heavyweight flat section with adjustable handles, used to smooth and straighten final render finishes.

TC Float

The TC Float is used for rubbing thin coat products including TC 05, 10, 15, 30 and Mineral TC.

H Section

The H Section is an aluminium straight edge, used to straighten the base coat or render surface.

K Rend Scraper

The K Rend Scraper is used to give renders a scraped textured finish. The surface is scraped back exposing some of the aggregate and leaving a more decorative finish.

I Section

The I Section is an aluminium straight edge, used for scraping back render prior to scraping. Reduces high spots and helps achieve required finish sooner.

Section Serrated Edge

A Section Serrated Edge is used for leveling and to remove any trapped pockets of air.

22" Spatula

This stainless steel blade is for finishing and smoothing render.

Ashlar Cutter

An Ashlar Cutter is used to create a decorative recessed joint into the finished textured render to replicate the appearance of traditional ashlar masonry.

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