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LW1 Lightweight Render

Silicone Scraped Texture

K Rend LW1 is a lightweight, one coat render, which can be applied directly onto a wide range of masonry and external wall insulation (EWI) substrates. It offers exceptional coverage and can achieve a variety of finishes. K Rend LW1 may be applied by machine or by hand.

Technical Data and K Rend Brochure available for download.

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“K Rend LW1 suited a particular project I was working on and my client wanted a through colour render as opposed to an acrylic render. I now find LW1 to be my preferred render of choice. I used the colour white which provided a beautiful white colour and doesn’t look creamy when dried, by not applying a basecoat it makes the application process a lot quicker which the clients love. About 70% of my jobs would be machine applied and LW1 goes through it easily. I would call this the best K Rend product made to date.”

Applicator: Karl Moore, Mika REND Ltd.

LW1 Lightweight Render

LW1 Lightweight Render Colour Options

There are 20 standard colours for the scraped texture range. Special colours are also available from a customisable pallet, upon request from our Technical Support Centre.

All full colour illustrations shown online are as accurate as the screen will allow. We recommend that all colours and textures are verified against a sample before ordering. Contact our Technical Support Centre for guidance T: 028 2826 0766

Please note *Polar White is an off white. *White is the brightest White within the Scraped Texture range, however it is not brilliant white. *Cream has a yellow tone to it.

Features and Benefits

Our K Rend LW1 offers all the benefits listed below.

LW1 Lightweight Render Projects