Product Description

Mineral TC is applied by hand. It is a cement based, polymer modified render, requiring only the addition of water and 10 minutes mixing time. It will provide an attractive, low maintenance finish and is available in 2 textures (2 & 4) and 12 standard colours.

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Features & Benefits

Mineral TC 2 & 4 provide a range of benefits.


Mineral TC 2 & 4 are both polymer modified.


Mineral TC 2 & 4 are finished with a float.


Mineral TC 2 & 4 are ideal for winter working.


Mineral TC 2 & 4 come in an extensive colour range.

Product Specification

Technical Data
Mineral TC 2 require:

2 - 2.5kg / sq m approx.

Mineral TC 4 require:

4.5 - 5kg / sq m approx.

Classifications according to

BS EN 15824

Compressive Strength:


Capillary water absorption:


Thermal conductivity:

P=50% -0.45

Application Instructions
  • Allow freshly applied render Base Coats a minimum of 14 days before work commences
  • Prime walls using K Rend Primer TC (colour co-ordinated to topcoat) and allow 24 hours drying time for primer before applying topcoat
  • Apply the product to the thickness of the largest grain size using a stainless steel float; allow to take up slightly. The surface is then rubbed up in a circular motion using a plastic float to create a texture
Product Downloads
Technical Data SheetDownload PDF
Application InstructionsDownload PDF

Thin Coat Render Colours

We have 12 Thin Coat render colours available for Mineral TC 2 & 4 and we recommend that all colours & textures are verified against a sample, before ordering.
  • Pure White
  • Limestone White
  • Corn
  • Linen
  • Sky
  • Sunflower
  • Mint
  • Antique White
  • Granite
  • Pearl
  • Ash White
  • Wheaten

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