K Lime Bond Coats

Our K Lime Bond Coats provide a preparatory coat for substrates with poor suction.

K Lime SB1 (Stipple Bond 1)

K Lime SB1 is a Stipple Bond. It is a cement-free preparatory coat to combat problems due to insufficient key or poor suction. It is used to give a larger surface area and improve the adhesion of K Lime renders to difficult substrates such as natural stone & brickwork.

It is applied using a hawk & trowel, scrubbed into the surface and immediately textured to leave a rough stipple finish.

Product Specification

Technical Data

5kg / m² approx. depending on condition of and suction of the substrates.

| nominal 2-3mm thickness


1.6kg / mm thick / m²

Compressive strength class:


Workable life:

> 8 hours

Capillary water absorption:



0.14 N / mm² (FP - a)

Water vapour permeability (μ):


Dry bulk density:

1460kg / m³

Thermal conductivity:

P = 50% - 0.45 W / mK (tab value)

Air content:


Reaction to fire:

Class A1

Durability (against freeze thaw):

Based on provisions valid in UK and Ireland

Application Instructions

Add 25kg of powder to 4-5 litres of water with mixing.

Mix thoroughly for at least 10 minutes to break down the additives to give a fluid easily worked mortar.

K Lime SB1 can be applied using a hawk and trowel.

Apply K Lime SB1 to substrate, scrub well into the background and immediately create a rough stipple effect using a textured roller.

Allow scud coat to dry before rendering.

Product Downloads
Technical Data SheetDownload PDF
Application InstructionsDownload PDF
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