20 May 2021

Winter Working with K Rend Accelerator

Speeding up your projects through the winter months.

With the colder weather now approaching, it’s important that you use the correct winter working products when completing your render projects. This will save you time and money whilst maintaining the same high standards. At K Rend, we like to ensure our applicator network make full use of our key winter working product, accelerator.

Accelerator, which must only be used with K Rend Scraped Textured Renders such as Silicone K1, Silicone FT and K1 Spray. Our accelerator is a clear liquid formula that comes in a 20 litre Jerry Can. The product is manufactured at our HQ in Larne, Northern Ireland and is sold through various Local K Rend stockists across the UK and Ireland. The advantages of being a UK Manufacturer is that you can get the product within days. If you pre plan your jobs, and the weather has taken an “unexpected” turn, you can get the product without delay.

The Benefits of using K Rend Accelerator with Render

The benefit of the product is to accelerate the curing time of K Rend Scraped Textured Renders. This ensures an earlier scrape which inevitably means a quicker completion of your project. With darker mornings and evenings, we only have around 6 hours of day light per day, so we hope this product helps you and your team complete jobs just as quick as you do in the summer months.

Applying Accelerator to Render

Application of this product is straight forward. Simply add accelerator to your render mix and ensure it is mixed thoroughly to achieve a good workable consistency. It can also be used to replace some of the gauging water with spray machines. Typical dosage is 0.1L of accelerator to every 25KG bag, maximum 0.2L.

The Best Time of Year to use K Rend Accelerator

K Rend applicators tend to use this product all year round, however it kicks in from October to April when the weather conditions are at its harshest. Accelerator is a problem solver on site, not only does it reduce the window for curing time, it also saves you and your team having to brave the cold! The ideal product?

We recommend this product to applicators who feel they need quicker completion times in winter months. At K Rend, we hope applicators benefit from using accelerator and benefit from a shorter stand out in the cold too!


For those who are unaware of the accelerator product, and its advantages, get in touch with one of our K Rend Sales Technical Team HERE.

- K Rend Sales Technical Team

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