21 September 2023

Why Use K Mono Monocouche Render?

Learn more on using K Mono for larger housing site projects.

K Mono, is a unique, through-coloured monocouche render, developed in collaboration with industry leading applicators and machine suppliers. K Mono is designed for seamless application by both diesel and electric spray machines. This high performing monocouche allows for 25% faster application, meaning jobs can be completed ahead of schedule with less time on larger sites for render teams as well as scaffolding hire.

K Mono is the only One Coat One Pass render currently available on a specification. On a typical house project the render can be completed 2 hours faster in summer months without having to consider the application of accelerators, which allows the applicator to make more profit per hour.

The benefits of using K Mono:

  • Fastest Setting One Coat One Pass Render: with K Mono applicators can achieve twice as many plots in a day.
  • Only BBA Approved One Coat One Pass Render: K Mono is the only BBA certified one coat, one pass render in today‚Äôs market.
  • Machine Friendly One Coat One Pass Render: K Mono contains an innovative machine optimised formula, which increases the life of the rotor and allows for 25% faster application.
  • Finest Texture One Coat One Pass Render: K Mono is a premium monocouche through-coloured render, offering a high quality and fine texture finish.

You can order your own scraped texture samples through our free sample service to help you choose the right colour for your K Mono project, with choice of up to 20 standard colours available. In addition, our internal technical team are glad to assist projects that require bespoke options as well. We recommend that all colours and textures are verified against a sample before ordering.

At K Rend we have a specialised R&D department including expert chemists, working in a state of the art bespoke facility. We invest tirelessly in the latest technology to develop and test new products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.