19 June 2015

The Importance of Base Coats

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K Rend Base Coats are used in various applications within the building industry and are typically applied to masonry or other building substrates prior to the finish coat. Base coats are used to prepare the surface of the substrate before the application of the render to the substrate. If a base coat is not applied ‘ghosting’ can occur affecting the appearance of the render.

K Rend supply 5 types of base coat, used for different purposes:

  1. Standard UF Base - high quality general-purpose sprayable base coat. Use as a primary coat for K Rend finishes. Ideal as the background for thin coat acrylic finishes.
  2. HP12 Base - uses high polymer technology for enhanced performance on difficult substrates. Ideal as a stipple coat or for dense backgrounds. May need to be used with Alkali Resistant Reinforcing Mesh.
  3. HP14 Base - uses high polymer technology for enhanced performance on a wide range of substrates. Ideal as the background for Silicone TC.
  4. HPX Base - ultra high performance render incorporating high polymer technology and fibres. Use on unusual substrates with Alkali Reinforcing Mesh.
  5. UF Fibre Base - qualities of Standard UF Base, but with increased impact resistance and tensile strength.

All bases can be hand or spray applied. Find out more about our K Rend Base Coats, HERE.

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