23 May 2023

The Homeowners Guide to K Rend

Read our useful guidance for homeowners who are looking to start a K Rend project.

K Rend are part of Kilwaughter Minerals and are the largest UK independent silicone render manufacturer with over 30 year’s experience in the construction industry. At K Rend, we are here to support homeowners, reassuring their choice of using our market leading render. Read our useful guidance below before starting a K Rend home project.

Choosing a Colour & Product

At K Rend we provide a free sample service for our customers.

  • Sample requests are available in sizes from 50mm to A5 size either through the K Rend website or by contacting the Head Office in Larne.
  • A site sample panel of the chosen product is recommended to ensure that the customer is satisfied with both colour and general appearance of the product. Different products can be different shades of the one colour.
  • Most K Rend products have a working temperature of 5 to 35 degrees centigrade. Protection from the rain and frost should be provided for the first 48 hours after application, while render is in the early stages of curing.
  • White is the brightest white within the scraped textured range, however this is not a brilliant white. Polar white is an off-white shade.
  • Applicators should be familiar with product regards water requirements, handling characteristics, setting, and hardening times. These may vary according to background, temperature, and humidity.
  • Product sacks, even when protected by hoods are only shower proof, and should be further protected to prevent damp which may cause the caking of the product. The shelf life of powder and paste products is 1 year from the date of manufacture if stored off the ground in dry conditions, protected from frost and sunlight, in original unopened packaging.

    Choosing an Applicator

    When choosing an applicator for your K Rend home project:

    • Check previous work of the potential applicator before entering into a contract. Ask for site references of previous work and if possible, customer references.
    • K Rend can supply a recommended applicator list upon request local to the project
    • K Rend will accept no responsibility or liability for work carried out by any applicators. Entering into an agreement for work with Applicators is a contract between the hirer and the applicator and in no way includes K Rend.

    Technical Support

    At K Rend we pride ourselves on our industry leading support.

    • K Rend Sales and Technical team are available for support from the start of project through to the end regards specification, design considerations and technical drawings including best practice guide. All can be supplied in writing for reference if required.
    • Aftercare guidelines once project has been completed are available upon request.
    • K Rend offer a product warranty only, as per our BBA Certifications for 30 years. The materials / components have been stored, handled, and maintained correctly and in accordance with any printed guidelines, instructions or recommendations provided by K Rend.
    • Any issues regard workmanship must solely be taken up with the contractor as it is beyond K Rends remit to become further involved in.

    We are here to support you