7 March 2018

Silicone K1 vs K1 Spray

Find out more on our products Silicone K1 and K1 Spray.

Are you looking for a render that can be machine and hand applied? Have you considered trying Silicone K1 or K1 Spray?

Why should I use Silicone K1 and K1 Spray?

Both renders are easy to use and suitable with most spray machines. Thus, making it ideal for larger projects where the speed of the machine can offer;

  • time saving benefits
  • labour saving application

The products act as a one coat finish over moderate to lower strength block work and can be used on a variety of substrates. Both products are available as part of the scraped texture range in 20 standard colours with a further customisable palette available upon request.

What is Silicone K1?

Silicone K1 is specially designed to incorporate the benefits of silicone technology. The silicone within the product offers a high degree of water repellency whilst allowing vapour to pass through the render enabling the substrate to breathe, reducing the amount of dirt adhering to the surface.

What is K1 Spray?

K1 Spray does not incorporate the silicone technology, however it creates a finer textured finish due to the grade of sand.

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