24 September 2015

Render on with Silicone K1

Find out more about Silicone K1 here.

Do you need a render that can be sprayed with most machines? Look no further - Silicone K1 is the product you need to use next!

What is Silicone K1?

Silicone K1 is a water repellent, cement based, self-coloured render which provides an attractive, low maintenance finish. It is designed to incorporate the benefits of silicone water repellents onto a cement based render.

What can Silicone K1 be used for?

  • Water repellent properties
  • A freshly rendered appearance for a prolonged period of time
  • An attractive, low maintenance finish
  • Labour saving application
  • Cost effectiveness
  • A textured finish

To find out more about the benefits of using Silicone K1, CLICK HERE.

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