20 May 2021

Re-application of Render | K Rend Winter Working

Find out more about re-application of render.

When is re-application of render required?

External render applications that are applied in temperatures + 5o C and below are deemed extremely high-risk applications. This is because due to freezing temperatures, the water that is used to mix the formulated render will expand from the substrate, impeding the overall bonding strength of the render applied. When the temperature rises, the expanded render then contracts, causing debonding of the render from the substrate surface. If this situation occurs a fa├žade evaluation will need to be conducted, using a hand-held hammer to determine if the unbonded areas of loose render have in fact been affected by a Freeze-Thaw phenomenon.

We recommend contacting our technical team for help so that they can advise on the appropriate render specification for re-application.

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