3 July 2015

Primed and Ready To Go!

Find out more about Primer TC.

What is Primer TC?

Primer TC is a synthetic resin primer designed for use to prepare masonry substrates to the application of a K Rend thin coat topcoat (e.g. Silicone TC.) If applied according to the manufacturers instructions it can improve the performance of the K Rend Thin Coat topcoat. It helps to reduce or equalise excessive suction due to substrate and provides a fine texture finish.

Other Benefits of Primer TC:

  1. Low Odour
  2. Ready to use
  3. Quick and easy to apply by brush, roller or spray
  4. Available in a wide range of colours which are co-ordinated to the colour of the Silicone TC topcoat

Primer TC should be used after the application of K Rend Base Coats (Scratch Coat) and before Silicone TC.

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