28 November 2017

Prepare for the Cold Weather with K Rend Accelerator

Find out how you can prepare your K Rend home for winter.

With the 1st December marking the start of Winter we began to prepare for the cold weather to set in. K Rend Accelerator can assist in these cold conditions, to improve the scraping time at minimum temperatures of 5°C however all winter working precautions still apply.

What is K Rend Accelerator?

K Rend Accelerator is a liquid additive used to reduce the waiting time of your render application. It accelerates the curing time of the render meaning that it may be scraped earlier, enabling a faster completion of your job.

It has no effect on the appearance of the scraped render, if the render is scraped at the correct state of readiness or hardness.

What are the benefits of K Rend Accelerator?

  • Accelerates scratch render curing time
  • Enables fast completion of job
  • Ideal for use in winter months
  • Has no effect on the final appearance

Where can I get K Rend Accelerator?

K Rend Accelerator is packed in 20 Litre containers and available from our authorised retailers throughout the UK and Ireland.

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