9 July 2015

Plaster Vs. Render

Find out the difference between plastering and rendering.

What is the difference between plastering and rendering?

The basic difference between plastering and rendering is; plastering is carried out on interior surfaces while rendering is undertaken on exterior surfaces. More specifically, the difference between plastering and rendering concerns the combination and type of materials used.

Material Composition

The basic composition for both rendering or plastering is broadly similar - cement, sand, water and sometimes lime. For rendering, a coarser, higher proportion of sand is preferred. For plaster finer sand is used in the interests of a smoother finish.

There are a wide variety of premixed renders for different applications - some such as K Rend - have additives (polymers) which offer enhanced water resistance and strength. Acrylic premixed renders offer a high degree of water resistance and strength.


Modern techniques and skills mean different types of finish are achievable for both plastering and rendering. Rendering usually produces a coarser finish than plastering. Pebble dashing is also a type of rendering.

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