5 June 2023

Our Top 5 Tips for Rendering in the Summer Months

Check out our top 5 tips for rendering outdoors with K Rend products throughout the hot summer season.

With render season well underway as we now move into the summer months of the year, we share with you our top tips to overcome any issues that the hotter weather can present when rendering.

1) Don’t apply above 35°C

Check both the substrate and air temperature before applying render. Hot substrates and/or high air temperatures cause accelerated curing/drying and can cause craze/shrinkage cracking.

2) Substrate too hot & dry? Mist it with clean water

Dampening the substrate will help control moisture absorption from the fresh render. Be careful not to over-saturate the substrate as this can lead to slump cracking and a poor bond between the render and substrate. Controlling the suction helps ensure proper hydration of the cement and reduces the drying rate of the render.

3) Avoid applying render in direct sunlight

Follow the sun around the building to ensure product is applied in the shade. This will help minimise accelerated curing and drying that can lead to craze/shrinkage cracking.

4) Be aware of the drying conditions

Drying rates will vary according to wind, temperature and humidity. Low relative humidity coupled with windy conditions will cause high evaporation of water from the fresh render, leading to craze/shrinkage cracking and poor hydration.

5) Storage

Products should be stored off the ground in dry and sheltered conditions. This is to keep the product dry inside the bag.

If you found our top tips for rendering in the summer months useful, you can also find our top tips for winter working HERE.

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