19 May 2021

K Rend Winter Working with B. Morrison Roughcasting & Plastering

Find out how the team at B. Morrison Roughcasting and Plastering make use of K Rend products for winter working projects.

Let us introduce you…

Barry Morrison, Founder & Director of B. Morrison Roughcasting & Plastering specialises in all types of rendering. With over 24 years experience in the industry, Barry and his team of 2 take on many K Rend projects, finishing every property with high detail.

Featuring on our recommended applicator list, Barry and his team primarily work within the Fife and Edinburgh Areas.

The Winter Working Project

Barry’s winter working project was a full 2 story detached, with an extended 2 stories to the side and a further extension to the rear of the property in Livingston, Scotland. Specification was Silicone K1 onto mixed substrates.

Weather Conditions

This project was rendered in November 2019 with weather conditions at 7°C. Good dry conditions which meant a steady working pattern for the team. With rain only showering for 1 day, they used polyethene sheeting to protect the render.

The Application

The K Rend products used on this project was HP12 Base Coat, reinforcement mesh and Silicone K1.

The team completed the project in 8 days total, start to finish. Beading, meshing and base coat took approximately 4 days, leaving the substrate with 2 full days to dry before top coat.

Silicone K1 was then applied to the property, application and scrape took 2 days to complete. Base and top coat application was applied with PFT Ritmo L Machine, this was a great advantage for the team as the property was huge and hand application would have given a longer project/curing time!

Was K Rend Accelerator used for the Winter Working Project?

“We didn’t use K Rend Accelerator as in our opinion the render cured in good enough time and it enabled us to complete another project whilst this property was curing”

“Myself and the team are adamant that the K Rend products provided are suitable to use throughout the winter months and would not move to another manufacturer as we prefer to use K Rend.”

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