31 July 2023

K Mono Moncouche Render: All You Need to Know

Find out more on the latest product to be added to the K Rend portfolio, K Mono.

The latest product to be added to the K Rend portfolio, K Mono, is a unique, through-coloured monocouche render, developed in collaboration with industry leading applicators and machine operators. K Mono is designed for seamless application by both traditional diesel and electric spray machines. Developed after listening to customer needs, K Mono has led to market-leading performance on setting times and an extended product set time window, creating unrivalled flexibility and efficiency with its one coat, one pass technology.

K Mono has been specifically manufactured to offer K Rend customers a premium solution with significant time and cost savings, along with unparalleled results in terms of setting time and ease of application.

What are the top 5 benefits of K Rend’s Monocouche render, K Mono?

  1. One Coat One Pass: K Mono is a premium monocouche through-coloured render
  2. Fast Setting: K Mono allows for reduced application times
  3. Colour Range: K Mono is available in an extensive colour range
  4. Machine Application: K Mono is optimised for machine application
  5. Scraped or Roughcast Finishes: K Mono is suitable for high quality scraped or roughcast finishes

K Rend is a specialist render manufacturer with a wide range of products including base coats and through coloured renders with a range of finishes and textures, mortars and paints. Our products are of the highest quality and most consistent standards, with a wide range of them carrying a 30-year guarantee by the BBA and NSAI. Our aim is to deliver peace of mind and trust. Our industry leading customer service team provide efficient, detailed and reliable support when you need it, ensuring the success of your K Rend project.

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