18 December 2017

What is K Lime?

Find out all you need to know on the K Lime range.

What is K Lime?

Lime based products are ideal for older buildings, renovation projects and eco-friendly construction. K Rend, offer a K Lime product range which consists of dry bagged mortars made from Hydraulic Lime, all produced from the quarry in Kilwaughter ensuring consistency in the product.

The mortars are available in 3 different grades and have been designed for use in stonemasonry, pointing, brick laying, block laying and as a plaster and render.

K Lime simplifies the perceived complexity in the use of lime, creating a stress-free solution for your project that’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can choose from the 3 different grades below:

  1. Coarse 413
  2. Setting 213
  3. Finishing 112

What are the benefits of K Lime?

The K Lime range uses natural hydraulic lime rather than cement as a binder. For many centuries lime has been used as the binder of choice in both masonry and construction to provide a durable finish protecting the building from weather elements.

Benefits include:

  • Allows structure to breathe
  • More flexible than OPC based products
  • Proven by time to provide strength and durability
  • Can eliminate the need for movement joints
  • Use with modern & traditional building materials
  • Enhanced workability and performance
  • Just add water and mix thoroughly

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