23 November 2016

How to Clean Your Textured Wall

Find out how to ensure a freshly rendered appearance, for longer.

K Rend provides a low maintenance solution to external rendering on both commercial and residential properties.

Our top 3 tips to ensure a freshly rendered appearance, for longer:

  1. Where general staining occurs, use a warm power wash and suitable detergent to clean up the K Rend finish.
  2. Take care to adjust the pressure of the power washer to ensure that the render is not damaged during the procedure (this is not suitable for Dry Dash finishes).
  3. An annual coat of fungicidal wash can prevent algae from growing on weather prevailing facades, which can be prone to algae by remaining wet over long periods.

What is Algae?

Algae is a natural phenomenon that grows on all external surfaces. In recent years it has become more prevalent on buildings due to:

  • Prolonged wet weather coupled with a mild climate
  • Clean Air Act: Reduced air pollution, resulting in increase of airborne algae spores
  • Climate Change
  • Poor detailing on the building

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