15 May 2024

Give Your Property a Flawless Finish with K Rend's Silicone K1 Render

Find out more on the benefits of our fine textured premium product, Silicone K1.

Render is a great way to easily add value and revamp the look of an old property, but it is also an excellent choice for new buildings to create a flawless and contemporary finish.

Silicone K1, a product from our Scraped Texture range, is a cement based, self-coloured render, which provides an attractive, low maintenance finish. It is a fine textured premium product, that incorporates highly beneficial water repellent properties. The silicone technology in Silicone K1 significantly reduces the amount of water absorption on the render surface, whilst allowing water vapour to pass freely through the render, granting your property optimum breathability.

What are the top 5 benefits of K Rend’s Silicone K1 render?

  1. Silicone K1 contains water repellent properties from its silicone technology, as well as being weather and algae resistant, making it a low maintenance finish option
  2. Silicone K1 is an attractive and fine texture finish that gives properties a freshly rendered appearance for a prolonged period of time
  3. Silicone K1 is available in an extensive colour range of up to 20 standard colours
  4. Silicone K1 is BBA and NSAI accredited, giving you extra peace of mind
  5. Silicone K1 can be hand or machine applied, making it a versatile product

You can order your own Silicone K1 Scraped Texture samples through our free sample service to help you choose the right colour, with choice of up to 20 standard colours available. In addition, our technical team are happy to assist projects that require bespoke options as well. We recommend that all colours and textures are verified against a sample before ordering.

At K Rend we have a whole-hearted approach to customer service. Our industry leading expert team provide efficient, detailed and reliable support when you need it, ensuring the success of your K Rend project.

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