26 June 2015

Creating a Brick Effect Finish

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Creating a brick effect finish is so simple with K Rend Brick Rend. The render is particularly suitable for refurbishment projects where new brick work cannot be used.

Apply K Rend Brick Rend using the following steps:

  1. Apply K Rend Base Coat to substrate (8 - 10mm)
  2. Apply K Mix Mortar onto K Rend Base Coat (8mm)
  3. Apply K Brick Rend Coat onto wet K Mix Base Coat (3 - 5mm)
  4. Cut through K Rend Brick Coat to expose the K Mix Mortar. Mortar joints create a brick effect finish.

Detailed guidance and assistance including site training and samples can be arranged on request. Please seek advice from our Technical Support team for a detailed specification.

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