1 July 2016

Construction Workers Should Stay Safe In The Sun

Find out how construction workers should stay safe in the sun.

Builders and construction workers could be scorched if they do not take adequate precautions from the damaging effects of the sun. On average five people in the UK every day will be diagnosed with skin cancer contracted at work.

Majority of people associate sun protection with a sunny holiday or a day at the beach, but the reality is that the risks to holiday-makers are nothing compared to the dangers faced by outdoor workers. Fifty-nine per cent of construction workers reported having sunburn at least once in the year. Most failed to protect themselves against sun exposure and just over forty per cent thought there was no need to wear sunscreen on a cloudy day. No wonder the number of skin cases are rising faster in the UK than the rest of Europe.

Action Cancer’s 2016 Safe Sun campaign aims to cut the number of people being diagnosed with cancers caused by over-exposure to the sun. Action Cancer Health Promotion Manager, Frances Dowds said,

“The key message we want the public to be aware of is how they can protect themselves – through the use of high factor sun cream (SFP 15 or higher), avoiding the sun at its strongest (11am – 3pm), covering skin with hats and other cool layers.”

5 Actions to control the amount of sun exposure:

1. Check the weather forecast and communicate information to relevant workers

2. Minimise sun exposure between 11am – 3pm

3. Swap jobs task so workers can regularly spend time in the shade

4. Take rest break indoors or in shaded areas

5. Use high factor sun scream on hands, face and lips

We would like to remind the construction workers that skin cancer is an avoidable disease and the importance of taking sensible precaution from wearing their hard hats, using suitable sun cream to staying in the shades during their breaks is essential.

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