1 July 2015

Colour, Texture, Render!

Find out the two main factors we recommend are considered and tested before rendering work commences.

Before rendering work commences we recommend that 2 main factors are considered and tested - colour and texture.


50mm colour samples are provided on request for colour indication only. A site sample panel is recommended, to ensure that the specifier is satisfied with the product colour and texture. K Rend materials are manufactured from natural products and slight colour variations may occur. All rendered areas must be scraped at the same stage of readiness, as early scraping may result in darker shades and late scraping in lighter shades. A uniform approach is essential to achieve a good finish.


Plastering Test Panel - it is recommended that a test panel (ideally 2m square) be produced for inspection by the customer (client, architect etc) Work should not commence until the customer is satisfied with the texture and general appearance of the product. The test panel should be prepared well in advance of work commencing. Applicators should be familiar with the following:

  1. Product water requirement
  2. Handling characteristics
  3. Setting times
  4. Hardening times

Additional Factors to Consider:

Other factors to take into consideration include substrate background, temperature and humidity. Require figures are approximate, take no account of wastage and may vary according to substrate and application technique,

Please seek advice from our Technical Support team for a detailed specification.

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