19 May 2021

All You Need to Know About the New TC-Additive | K Rend

Find out all you need to know about the new TC-Additive by K Rend.

What is TC-Additive?

TC-Additive is a solvent-free additive used to reduce the drying time of synthetic resin renders such as our K Rend Silicone TC.

What does TC-Additive do?

It accelerates the curing time enabling faster completion of jobs and allowing users to apply render all year-round.

When can you use TC Additive?

Our TC-Additive is intended for use with thin coat renders such as the K Rend Silicone TC range. It should be mixed directly into the render bucket prior to application. TC-Additive is ideal for use at lower temperatures.

How should TC-Additive be prepared for use?

250ml of TC-Additive should be added to each 25kg tub of K Rend Silicone TC coloured render and mixed using an electric paddle mix. No other materials should be added. The correct proportions of TC-Additive should always be used to achieve the best results. Please note that adding more than the specified amount of TC-Additive will not further reduce drying times.

How is TC-Additive applied?

Preparation of TC-Additve should take place just before application. The thin coat render should be applied as normal. Protective cover should still be applied around the rendered elevation during wet weather to avoid wash-off.

What are the required weather conditions for applying TC-Additive?

Minimum air and substrate temperature +5°C, with up to a max. 85% relative air humidity. Maximum air and substrate temperature +15°C. Higher temperatures and direct sunlight should be avoided to ensure a consistent finish is achieved (e.g. to prevent colour variation, crack formation etc.)

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