1 June 2023

Achieve a Perfect Finish with Silicone TC 15 by K Rend

Find out more on the benefits of our render product Silicone TC 15 from the Thin Coat range.

Many homeowners choose render as a way to dramatically improve and modernise the external appearance of their home, as well as the additional protection it provides to give properties a longer lifespan.

Silicone TC 15, a product from our Silicone Thin Coat range, is an organic resin, low maintenance render with a textured finish. It is a self-coloured render that can be hand or spray applied and incorporates silicone technology. The silicone technology in Silicone TC 15 significantly reduces the amount of water absorption on the render surface, whilst allowing water vapour to pass freely through the render, granting your property optimum breathability.

What are the top 5 benefits of K Rend’s Silicone TC 15 render?

  1. Silicone TC 15 contains water repellent properties from its silicone technology, making it an attractive and low maintenance finish option
  2. Silicone TC 15 is available in an extensive colour range of up to 20 standard colours, in addition to bespoke options upon request
  3. Silicone TC 15 render comes mixed and ready to use
  4. Silicone TC 15 render can be hand or machine applied, making it a versatile product
  5. Silicone TC 15 is particularly suitable where light-weight render systems are required, such as for use on an External Wall Insulation (EWI) system

To help you first visualise what colour may be the best one for your project, you can use our online colour simulator tool to digitally view our stunning range of silicone render colours on a property. As well, before ordering your chosen render colour and texture for your project, we recommend that they are verified against a sample. You can order your own Silicone Thin Coat render samples through our free online sample service to help you choose the right colour for your project, with choice of up to 20 standard colours available (bespoke colours are available upon request).

With our first-class customer service, the expert K Rend technical team are always on hand to assist with projects of any size from the start and right through to completion. You can reach our customer support team HERE for any technical advice or guidance.

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