6 December 2018

Our Top Tips for Winter Working

Take a look at our top tips to keep you working well this winter.
We all know that we can’t stop working just because the weather has taken a nosedive but below we have some top tips to keep you working well, this winter:

1. Choose the Right Products, Give Us A Call

K Rend have a range of products to choose from and some which are more suitable for Winter conditions, so just give one of our team a call and then can help you choose the right product and make life that little bit easier.

2. Keep Substrates Dry

This is one of the key things to remember as a wet substrate can cause problems with adhesion and bonding due to a lack of suction, reduced bond and a weakened render. In some cases it can also lead to limebloom. Even surfaces which have been very wet and are only surface dry can lead to problems.

3. Speed Things Up and Save Time with Accelerator

Accelerator is a liquid additive used to accelerate the curing time of K Rend scraped texture renders meaning that you can scrape earlier, reduce waiting times and finish a job more quickly. It is has no effect on the appearance of render – the perfect solution to keep things moving!

4. Stay Frost Free

Never apply render onto a frozen surface and always protect surfaces from the rain and frost for a minimum of 48 hours after application, while the render is curing. Remember that drying times may be prolonged in colder conditions and these conditions, or rainfall during application may cause limebloom, particularly on deeper colours of render.

Check out some of our K Rend Products for Winter Working:

Mineral TC is a cement based, polymer modified render, requiring only the addition of water and 10 minutes mixing time. Benefits include faster drying times at lower temperatures and high humidity.

Accelerator is a liquid additive used to reduce the waiting time before scraping K Rend scraped texture renders. It accelerates the curing time of K Rend scraped texture renders meaning that the render may be scraped earlier, enabling a faster completion of the job.

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