31 March 2017

Our Top 8 Tools Every Plasterer Needs

Find out the top 8 tools every plasterer needs.

K Rend supply a range of tool to help you get the perfect finish and to ensure that you are kitted out for the job.

Our Top 8 Tools Every Plasterer Needs:

  1. Darby used to smooth and straighten final render finishes.
  2. TC Float used for rubbing up thin coat products.
  3. K Rend Scraper used to give renders a scraped textured finish.
  4. H Section used to straighten the basecoat or render surface.
  5. I Section used for scraping back render prior to scraping.
  6. Section Serrated Edge used for levelling render and to remove any trapped pockets of air.
  7. 22” Spatula for finishing and smoothing render.
  8. Ashlar Cutter used to create a decorative recessed joint into the textured render.

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