2 July 2015

6 Reasons to Choose External Wall Insulation

Find out more about External Wall Insulation.

Recently K Rend was approved by BBA for K Rend External Wall Insulation Systems. We have also improved 2 of our base coats (HP12 and HP14) to be used as an insulation board adhesive.

Benefits of External Wall Insulation:

  1. Reduces heating bills by reducing heat loss through walls
  2. Thermal efficiency of walls can be increased by 85%
  3. Environmentally friendly - reduces carbon emissions as you use less fossil fuel
  4. Reduce condensation (EWI raises the temperature of internal walls)
  5. Prevent damp & mould: EWI seals buildings from the elements
  6. Improve acoustics: hi-density insulation reduces sound transfer

Find out more on HP12 & HP14 base coats or read more on External Wall Insulation Systems.

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