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Design Advice

Through an uncompromising commitment to quality, innovation, integrity and teamwork, we provide the best tailored products and solutions to satisfy the most demanding requirements when rendering a house or commercial property.

Building on our reputation, we take our 30+ years experience and share it with you. Our expertly trained Technical Support Team provide detailed design advice along with on-site support to ensure your home or commercial property is a success.

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Choose a texture

Our products come in a variety of textures offering you personal choice. It is important you choose the texture that fits your needs when rendering a property.

Our most popular ranges of render are as follows:

  • Silicone Thin Coat
  • Silicone Scraped Texture
  • Silicone Dash Receiver
  • Silicone Roughcast
  • Brick Rend
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Choose a colour

External colouring is a process that needs both inspiration and knowledge. With the right decisions, the results can be incredible, creating beautiful aesthetic visions to lift the house and its surrounding area.

Whether you are looking for a traditional finish or a contemporary look for your home, we have the expertise and innovation to guide and inspire you in choosing the right colour for your project.

Our two product ranges Silicone Thin Coat and Silicone Scraped Texture have two separate standard 20 colour swatches that are made up of our most popular customer colour choices.

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Adding final touches

Ashlar cutting: A method of creating features in the external render, where grooves are cut directly into the “green” render surface (usually directly after scraping).

Quoins: Quoins are a particular type of raised band where the render is cut to simulate quoin stones at the corners of the building creating an impression of permanence and strength.

Bands: Bands are raised areas of render used to provide a feature, usually around windows and doors.

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