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3 Easy steps to cleaning render

Post on 14 August 2015
K Rend, Silicone FT, Co. Down
  • K Rend, Silicone FT, Co. Down

K Rend Renders provide a low maintenance solution to external rendering on both commercial and residential properties.

To ensure a freshly rendered appearance for a prolonged period follow the 3 easy steps below:

1. Where general staining occurs, use a warm power wash and suitable detergent to clean up the K Rend finish.

2. Take care to adjust the pressure of the power washer to ensure that the render is not damaged during the procedure (This is not suitable for Dry Dash finishes)

3. An annual coat of fungicidal wash can prevent algae from growing on weather prevailing facades, which can be prone to algae by remaining wet over long periods.

For more information or for further advice please contact K Rend’s Technical Support Team.

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  • E.Hamblin, 10 February 2016

    What is a ‘suitable detergent’ for heavily algae stained surface?

  • Jim Price, 25 February 2016

    Hi, I have used k-rend algae clean on my walls (k-rend rough cast) and whilst the green algae has been removed he reddish and greyish staining remains. I have applied 2coats 1 to 1mix with a garden sprayer. Can you offer any advice please?

  • Trevor Scarrow, 6 March 2016

    I have a stain on my K Rend from seagull muck. I have tried hot water and detergent. Would a weak bleach solution be OK. Can you suggest anything.

  • Don Kirk, 6 March 2016

    Would you please recommend a “suitable detergent” for cleaning algae from K Rend finish.

    Also, after cleaning would the application of a brickwork water-proofer help to keep the surface algae free, e.g. Thompson’s Water Seal?

    Many thanks

    Don Kirk

  • K Rend, 23 March 2016

    We would recommend an algae cleaner for any mild algae that may appear.

    For further advice on what actions can be taken to prevent this from happening again in future please contact our technical support centre on 02828 260766 for advice & technical data sheets.

  • john hirst, 8 April 2016

    how can you remove k rend from UPVC doors and windows

  • K Rend, 27 April 2016

    I would recommend that you either use an Algae Cleaner available from your local stockist or for a more pronounced organic growth speak to a company called Algoclear based in Maidenhead on 01628 687022, they supply all over the UK and specialise in cleaning organic growth from exterior surfaces

    We would not recommend a sealer to be applied to K Rend as it is a breathable product which lets the substrate breath outwards and any sealer will stop this process. There is also a possibility of changing the colour too if you paint over the existing surface

  • Tony , 2 May 2016

    I tried touching up k rend with some masonary paint but did not match the k rend colour. It isn’t a big patch. Is there anything I can use to remove the paint that won’t damage the render?

  • Steffan , 10 May 2016

    Can you use hypochlorite with a cold wash to clean algae from K Rend external walls please?

  • K Rend, 11 May 2016

    We would advise using an Algae cleaner, that is designed specifically for removing algae from render surfaces.

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