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3 Design factors to consider when Rendering

Post on 10 June 2015
K Rend Silicone TC, applied on property
  • K Rend Silicone TC, applied on property
  • K Rend Silicone TC, applied on property
  • K Rend Silicone TC, applied on property

K Rend are committed to quality, excellence, integrity and teamwork. We aim to provide the best tailored products and solutions to satisfy the most demanding requirements when rendering a house or commercial property. Our expertly trained Technical Support Team provide detailed design advice with on-site support to ensure your projects success.

Before you begin your External Rendering project you should carefully consider these 3 factors:

1. Texture - K Rend products come in a variety of textures from smooth and refined to textured and traditional. It is important you choose the right texture when rendering a house or commercial property.

2. Colour Choice - Our 2 product ranges Silicone Thin Coat and Silicone Scraped Texture have 2 separate standard 20 colour swatches that are made up of our most popular customer colour choices. However if you would like something more bespoke for your project then get in touch. Visualise your colour with our Colour Swatch Simulator.

3. Finishing Touches - Put the ‘spec’ in spectacular by using different profiles and cuts to complete your project. There are several techniques that tradesmen use including Ashlar Cutting, Quoins and Bands. For more information contact our Technical Support team.

Want some inspiration view some previous projects.

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  • Adam Melville, MPL Plasterers, 12 June 2015

    The best render you can get on the market, highly recommend it. Also customer service very helpful.

  • James Corlett, Fullers Plastering, 12 June 2015

    K Rend systems very easy to follow and use. Excellent customer care and advise. Highly recommended with a wide range of colours. Silicone TC 15 leaves a true and even finish. Probably the best I’ve used!!

  • Silver Trowel Ltd, 13 June 2015

    We regularly use a range of these great products. For domestic settings, commercial contracts. As well as running training courses in the UK.

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