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We welcome Larne High School

Posted on 14 April 2014

We welcome Larne High School

Every year we open their doors and welcome pupils from local schools. On 9th April the company welcomed Larne High School’s Double Award GCSE Science class, with a tailored agenda to suit their needs.

We are committed to broadening the horizons of younger generations by hosting educational visits to the site for students as extensions to their classroom learning. The visits consist of a presentation on the company, a product overview, a hands-on product demo as well as a tour of the manufacturing facilities. It suits all kinds of disciplines, especially students of Science or Business Studies modules.

Lisa Neill, Marketing & Product Development Manager comments:

“Educational visits provide an excellent opportunity for local students to learn about the company’s activities and types of available job roles. These students are the future of our local region so it’s important that they know how the company contribute to the community in which they live”.

Visits are on a half day basis and are available for groups of up to 30 students per school.

Please contact Lisa Neill for further information:

[email protected]