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K Rend LW1 - Karl Moore’s render of choice

Posted on 21 July 2016

K Rend LW1 is a light weight one coat render, which can be applied directly onto polystyrene insulation to achieve a variety of finishes.


· Cost saving: 1 day application

· Light weight: good coverage

· Easy application and workability

· Spray application (can be hand applied)

Applicator: Karl Moore, Mika REND Ltd.

“K Rend LW1 suited a particular project I was working on and my client wanted a through colour render as opposed to an acrylic render. I now find LW1 to be my preferred render of choice. I used the colour white which provided a beautiful white colour and doesn’t look creamy when dried, by not applying a basecoat it makes the application process a lot quicker which the clients love. About 70% of my jobs would be machine applied and LW1 goes through it easily. I would call this the best K Rend product made to date.”

Click to view our LW1 video.

Technical Data or K Rend Brochure available for download alternatively please call 028 2826 0766 or email [email protected]