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K Rend Helps Local Youths to Sail into the Sunset

Posted on 01 August 2016

On a blustery Monday afternoon the stunning yacht, Spirit of Oysterhaven, sailed into Carrickfergus Marina with 10 teenagers from both sides of the border for what is set to be an adventure of a lifetime.

Local company Kilwaughter Lime’s (K Rend) support for the Atlantic Youth Trust led to open recruitment and selection of young people from the Carrickfergus area for a 5-day youth development voyage. The lucky participants will learn the ropes, cook, clean, and much more alongside fellow teenagers from the Republic of Ireland in the final voyage of the season organised by the Atlantic Youth Trust.

Speaking about the voyage Kilwaughter Lime Director, John McDowell, said: “We are delighted to be in a position to support this exciting voyage and worthy endeavor. Sailing is an incredible way to take young people out of their comfort zone and fast track their development.”

Following the inclusion of the Atlantic Youth Trust’s plans for a new all island, youth development and cultural integration tall ship in the ‘A Fresh Start: Stormont Agreement’, it looks like Northern Ireland’s young people will get regular opportunities to experience life at sea.

Executive Director of the Atlantic Youth Trust, Neil O’Hagan added: “It is fantastic to be able to make the opportunities accessible to all thanks to organisations such as Kilwaughter Lime. Without corporate support such opportunities would be limited to those that can afford it which is in stark contrast to the Trust’s objectives.”