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Introducing New & Improved HP12 Base

Posted on 14 April 2014

Introducing New & Improved HP12 Base

We are delighted to introduce new and improved HP12 Base.

New HP12 has improved handling properties making it easier to apply. It also has an improved open time, giving you longer to achieve the base coat (scratch coat) finish you need.

“The HP12 is a good product. The new improvements have definitely delivered a better-handled and easier worked basecoat.” Kyle Watt – Rendering Solutions

It is ideal as a stipple coat or for dense backgrounds and has increased water resistance and adhesion.

K Rend base coats are polymer modified and cement based to ensure flexibility and strength. Base coat require only the addition of water and 5 minutes mixing time. Normally applied in 1 coat as a backing for K Rend finishes.

“HP12 lived up to its product improvements, the longer open time left the product more workable which will be very beneficial now we are coming into the warmer season.” Matt Gilchrist – Norfolk Drywall Limited

For technical advice and product specifications please call 028 2826 0766 or email [email protected]