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Introducing K1 Lime SB1

Posted on 26 April 2017

K Lime SB1 is a Natural Hydraulic Lime based preparatory key coat which is used to improve the adhesion of K Lime renders to difficult substrates such as natural stone and brickwork. The product only requires the addition of water and thorough mixing prior to use.

The product is designed to be used as a stipple coat as described in EN 13914-1 and is manufactured to ISO 9001.

K Lime SB1 is a blend of Natural Hydraulic Lime, carefully selected white limestone sand and other performance enhancing additives, derived from natural sources.

· Can be used as a preparatory coat to combat problems due to insufficient key or poor suction.

· Helps provide suction control across a range of backgrounds.

· It is applied using a hawk and trowel, scrubbed into the surface and immediately textured to leave a rough stipple finish. Subsequent render coats may be applied when K Lime SB1 has dried.