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Construction Industry Federation welcomes the signing of Construction Contracts Act

Posted on 26 April 2016

As the construction industry takes a turn and is on the rise Keystone reports on the signing of the Construction Contracts Act and how it will benefit the entire supply chain.

The signing of the Construction Contracts Act will benefit the entire supply chain by bringing more certainty and dispute resolution in the Construction Industry Federation (CIF)

CIF President Michael Stone said “The sector is in recovery mode and this act will help companies plan, budget and invest more accurately in meeting Ireland’s increasing economic demands.”

Philip Crampton, Chairman of the CIF’s Procurement, Tendering and Contracts Committee said “The Act is positive news for construction sector and will mean more certainty of payment for all in the supply chain. This certainty will improve the competitiveness of the sector facilitating growth and the delivery of quality public and private construction projects. It will transform the landscape in which the construction sector operates in Ireland.”

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