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Algae and Stonework

Posted on 24 April 2015

Algae is a natural phenomenon that grows on all external surfaces. In recent years it has become more prevalent on buildings due to:

  • Prolonged wet weather coupled with a mild climate
  • Clean Air Act: Reduced air pollution, resulting in increase of airborne algae spores
  • Climate Change
  • Poor detailing on the building

In the construction industry the term “algae” is frequently used to describe the occurrence of various organic growths which are commonly found on buildings. These organic growths include a range of algae, moss, lichens and fungi. All of which can be found on any external surface. In our climate algae only requires high moisture levels or high humidity for growth to occur. Algae Clean: Multi Surface Algae Treatment can be found in our complementary products section.

Please watch the video clip which explains why it grows and how you can effectively treat.