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Substrate Best Practices | Winter Working with K Rend

Post on 24 November 2020
Substrate Best Practices - Winter Working with K Rend
  • Substrate Best Practices - Winter Working with K Rend

​Substrate Best Practices

  1. Substrates (backgrounds) should be kept dry, prior to applying the render.
  2. Fastening deflection netting to your scaffold will assist you in protecting your substrate from the winter elements and is always good practice to have during your render project.
  3. The adhesion and bonding characteristics of the render application onto substrates with high a moisture saturation will become problematic. This may cause a reduced bond for the render, causing weakness, where the lack of suction is dramatically reduced.

You can read more on our top 3 tips for winter working, HERE.


Check out some of our K Rend Products we recommend for Winter Working:

Mineral TC: a cement based, polymer modified render, requiring only water to be added and 10 minutes to mix. Mineral TC allows render to dry faster at a lower temperature and high humidity.

Accelerator: a liquid additive used to reduce the waiting time before scraping K Rend scraped texture renders. K Rend Accelerator speeds up the curing time allowing render to be scraped earlier and resulting in a faster job completion.

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