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Prepare for the cold weather with K Rend Accelerator

Post on 28 November 2017
Thermometer in the snow
  • Thermometer in the snow

With the 1st December marking the start of Winter we began to prepare for the cold weather to set in. K Rend Accelerator can assist in these cold conditions, to improve the scraping time at minimum temperatures of 5°C however all winter working precautions still apply.

K Rend Accelerator is a liquid additive used to reduce the waiting time of your render application. It accelerates the curing time of the render meaning that it may be scraped earlier, enabling a faster completion of your job.

It has no effect on the appearance of the scraped render, if the render is scraped at the correct state of readiness or hardness.


· Accelerates scratch render curing time

· Enables fast completion of job

· Ideal for use in winter months

· Has no effect on the final appearance

K Rend Accelerator is packed in 20 Litre containers and available from our authorised retailers throughout the UK and Ireland. For Technical Support please contact K Rend on 028 2826 0766 or email mailto:[email protected]

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