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K Lime - The stress free solution for your period property

Post on 26 March 2018

​K Lime is a range of cement-free natural hydraulic lime based products that allow flexibility, durability and breathability with only the addition of water and thorough mixing. The K Lime range uses natural hydraulic lime rather than cement as a binder to provide a durable finish protecting the building from weather elements. In conjunction with industry-leading experts the Kilwaughter Minerals team has carried out extensive research and product development programmes to ensure the range provides all the benefits of traditional mortar for today’s modern marketplace.

Whether you have an older or heritage listed building needing revived to protect against damp or you want to create an eco-masterpiece, this range is designed for you as it can be used for both new build and renovation projects where there is less energy used in production and more CO2 is absorbed throughout curing than in traditional cement, therefore reducing CO2 emissions.

There are 3 finishes within the K Lime range to give you the best choice to suit your project’s needs; Course 413, Setting 213 and Finishing 112 . You can call our Technical Support team on 028 2826 0766 for advice on which finish would be most suitable for your property.

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