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Construction industry employees are ranked healthier than fitness professionals!

Post on 13 July 2017
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Although the construction industry is fond of their coffees and bacon baps first thing in the morning, research has shown that applicators are some of the healthiest in the UK!

Research carried out by Virgin Active found due to the nature of construction jobs some employees are burning up to 2,500 out of their 4,000 intake of calories a day. On average four hours of the day is spent lifting products and material; this is nearly double the figure on what other workforces do. Due to the physical exercise involved it is thought that those employed within the construction industry actually tend to be healthier than fitness professionals who fall second in the healthiest workforce category.

So, what do you think? Is the construction industry the healthiest workforce? It is still important to incorporate a balanced diet, regular breaks, fresh air and moderate exercise into your working day. Interested in finding out more about working with K Rend products? Contact us today 02828260766.

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