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  • K Lime - The stress free solution for your period property

    Post on 26 March 2018
    K Lime is a range of cement-free natural hydraulic lime based products that allow flexibility, durability and breathability with only the addition of water and thorough mixing.
  • 3 tips to spring cleaning your render

    Post on 20 March 2018
    Make the most of those dry days by rejuvenating your finished façade and remove any organic growth, bird droppings or film of weathering found on the surface of your property.
    Property rendered in K Rend
  • Reduce Wait to Scrape Time for Render

    Post on 12 March 2018
    Would you like to reduce the waiting time before scraping K Rend scraped texture renders? Then we have the solution for you....
    K Rend Accelerator
  • Silicone K1 vs K1 Spray

    Post on 07 March 2018
    Looking for a render that can be machine and hand applied? Have you considered trying Silicone K1 or K1 Spray…
    Silicone K1 vs K1 Spray